About the Author

This is a nice little corner where I talk to you about myself in the third person.

Shreyaa is a fun loving person. She’s a lover of life and has a soft spot for animals. The motive and purpose of her starting this blog date back to her higher secondary, where she wanted to get rid of depression and somehow channel it outwards in a positive way. And what’s a more useful trial than that which may remain a learning lesson to other people? This is why she based her blog on her then current issues of being an adolescent and decided to update the theme chronologically as she grew up.

In here, you’ll have a lot of moments where you go,”Oh, SOOOOO Relatable!!!”. Others you may not feel so with, and that is because you are yet to experience them. So it’s basically like a headstart to fundamental life problems that get least addressed.

You may reach me at shreya.senthilkumar@gmail.com to share your experiences with me or to clarify doubts, or if you’d want me to partner up with you, business-wise as well.


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