It is okay to hate me for this. This is how I have felt all along. It is one of the core reasons that I started blogging. For beauty is only in the heart and not elsewhere. But the world could never accept this. It puts me in anger, when I see people looking and raving only for the beauty on the outside. It hurts rather, that for normal looking people, who’ve a beautiful inside, get rejected and hurt. For instance, a girl I know was not allowed to march for a national parade, because of her dark complexion. The very projection that Indians are white, is all that matters and is all that will ever matter to the government and the selection committee. So I get angry. When a girl with lots of money and fame, walks into a hall with other people on the same page, she gets accepted. But when a beautiful soul walks into the lives of terrific people, it gets rejected. It hurts me when I see, with my own eyes, that there are Indians who try acting, talking and behaving outlandish to their fellow Indians who aren’t well off. A person my friend knew once, was put into so much depression and that led to a lot of follow-up problems at a very young age.

It is like an unclear picture that I’m trying to paint in my head. Yet I end up converting them to words. The humiliation people have to put up with. It hurts. The closure a person is comfortable with in a scaring dark way. The insecurity when it comes to society. You’re not ugly, Society is! Yet there’s this dark voice in each one’s mind. Will I really be able to accept reality? Or is it rather better to put up with the falseness prevailing and keep pushing on. For independency is trending now. So is rejection, I suppose. It wouldn’t really occur to you unless you face it. It’ll be the world against you. But all you’ll have in mind are the memories of how you’ve treated people and how that’s backfiring at you?

This is just a general rage on the ways and means of our society. People fall for what their actors portrait on-screen. They get deeply affected by the promotions. It is after all soothing to know that you’re one among the million people following it. No one rather wants to be that one in a million kind of person. When traitors are hit with an amplitude of realisation, ask them, “I’m sorry, did my back hurt your knife?”. I believe in forgiving but never forgetting. Be it good or bad. When you feel let down at any point of time in life, don’t try to end it. Instead try to live up to your beautiful dreams and prove your haters, wrong!

I totally support loneliness. I’ve been there and it’s an interchangeable phase that I visit often, to keep my calm and keep myself intact. So don’t feel awful if you’re there. You are, in fact, gifted to be there yourself. Quality time alone matters. It helps you bring out the best version of yourself…truely for the better!!

This has nothing to do with how my life is going on right now. But this was purely for those who’ve been through the above phases of life and desperately need help or at the least, a feeling of oneness. And through my thoughts, if you’ve achieved it, do let me know. I’ll keep improving. The word trigger means a lot. To me, if used in a good way, it’ll improve the way everyone sees life these days.

– Shreyy, always here to help you, the way I was helped :’)


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