A Hidden message.

She knows that she wouldn’t like it, if she told him this soon. So she kept it a secret. A secret only one person other than her self-consciousness knew. She tried giving him hints and ways of unobvious means, so as to not spoil the existing trust. She took him out and bought him food, for that was one thing she knew was his weak spot. Not just that, she also cherished each and every bite they had together.

He never failed her at timings and that made her feel special. He would walk her till she left the campus to a safe distance, each and every time. A part of her always kept telling her that he would feel the same way. But the risks of spoiling the existing trust were high. She kept it a secret, even when she was dying on the inside, to tell him. She’d rather wait a whole lifetime, if she had one, for him to own up.

To own up that their bond was special. Their bond was covalent. That their bond was something more than that which humans share. She was a biotechie and he was her department doggie.

– Shreyy, who just narrated a real life story.

P.S. – The dog was called Popsy ❤ …



  1. recententries · July 15

    Popsy love😍.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. just barath · July 15

    Is it that brown pup i know?


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