Travel satisfaction (Inspiration task 4)



Out of the above four given choices, I chose the first picture. This picture represents a girl (to me) glancing at a path in a forest. This picture may represent a lot of things to different people and therefore interpretation depends mainly on perception.

Speaking from the girl’s perspective …

That girl wouldn’t have hesitated to barge into the forest , would’ve taken a million pictures of the forest and would’ve planned on staying in there, if that girl was me.             If not, there would’ve been a hard starboard making towards home.

From the audience’s view …

It would probably look like Frost’s “Road not taken”, where the girl isn’t posed with obvious different pathways, but it might spark a thought though.

If otherwise…

It seems to me that the girl is pretty darn cold and the location suggests why…


– Shreyy, with a vague intention towards the picture.


One comment

  1. Addie · May 31, 2017

    Beautiful pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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