Gray matters.


“How could you not think of Christian?”, butters my mind. I mean… Christians have a thing for the color don’t they? The head scarf of nuns? *Phew!*

Anyway. Although this isn’t the color grey, I prefer talking on it since it reminds me of a recent incident that occurred in an institution. My institution. My quizzzzzzerrrr. Yeah no. So my quiz partner and I were all set up for our first ever quiz together. The prelims of course. It was a written testimony…I mean TEST. There were many questions we didn’t know the answers for, but certainly I fell in love with the one true question (for which we didn’t know the answer to again…) which kept us thinking for the longest. The question went…

If for AIDS, it is the red ribbon and for Sarcoma it is yellow, what is it for Brain tumor?

What could it be? We were thinking critically and the critical we got, the more we drifted away from the answer. So we started eliminating the colors which were already representatives of diseases which we knew. And that left us with Orange (Don’t ask why!). Grey wasn’t even on our minds, considering the time factor and all other rush hour things.

The correct answer is Grey for brain tumor because there are grey cells in the brain. It is also reasonable to think of white as the brain also has white cells but yeah grey was chosen.

– Shreyy, without regrets.





  1. just barath · May 6, 2017


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  2. recententries · May 21, 2017

    Brain may “also” contain white cells, but bones are “only” white in colour (due to calcium obviously) and hence they win the white ribbon along with eye disorders than brain cancer :”)

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