I’d rather choose !

It feels overwhelming to say right now, that I have only three years of college, left out. Within this one year of being put through a lot of new aspects, making choices was the outstanding part. Letting alone making the best, making the right choices was the toughest.

For instance, if I were given half an hour of free time, in between classes, I would rather choose to go on a short-distance walk, over spending time with classmates. It therefore isn’t surprising that I take my own sweet time, in finding people to hang out with. But every time I try to sacrifice my plans for someone else’s, this advice given by my senior pops up. She said,” Quality over quantity, right?” .

And that, undeniably is the best thing someone has ever said to me. It keeps occurring to me from then on, that making more number of friends will probably be less fruitful than making good ones even if the strength seems fading.

Our University’s best places to hang out at, are the two campus canteens, knowledge park (for the maggi station of course!) and Gurunath stores. Many may base their decision to go to one of these, on the amount of time given, the distance and how well their friends circle support the plan. But, that isn’t the case with me, luckily. Since I’d love to walk and I do not need to consult anyone over my plan, I seem to have a lot less to decide and hence make most of my free time, for those precious coffee dates in exchange for morale stories, for a lifetime!

I guess I did unconsciously end up making, the right decision when it came to choosing quality over quantity and that sums up the perks of being a perfectionist.

– Shreyy, a to-be-Sophomore. ❤