Crate story 

They were roaming around into the vastness of the unknown university. This was only their first semester. Getting used to directions was the only need of the hour, to stay in tact, inside the campus. A little help here and there with a big of ragging coming along. This is how it basically went on. 

He had made quite a few friends from class and since his department was interdisciplinary between three disciplines, more friends from the other two. Theirs was the CBCS system where the performance of the whole class mattered and not their own. 

He found his happiness in helping and mingling with others. This trait is something rare these days and therefore misunderstood easily. The key features of this personality is that he was reasonably tall, less worried about his perfectly head-on hair and also puts sleep before every thing possible.( Early morning tantrums )

He was eventually a professor’s pet sort of student. People became jealous of him and his analytical skills .
The main part of the story which centres about the title was fast approaching him. He hardly realised that he’s about to make one of the best of brothers from another mother. He walked up to two, tall statured sophomores (one of them , the main character, being a tea-addict)  and offered help to lift up crates of juice. These were the refreshments arranged for the Fresher’s day , for the Freshers of course…

The thing about those two was their compatibility. They felt comfortable around each other and that’s what’s important when it comes to friendship. 

So the Sophomore(S) and the Fresher(F) got along really well and their relation continued there-on , introducing besties and best friends and living happily (+bitter times) ever after :’) 

-Shreyy , still amazed at their friendship 😊. 


This is a real life story with fiction tending towards zero. 


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