Liebster Award…

I am very pleased on the account of getting nominated for this award and take this to give my best shot at letting y’all know me better. I would first like to acknowledge and thank my blog bud , Barath or ‘Just’Barath as he prefers to be called on and off his blog Be nuts its better , for nominating me and briefing me about the tradition.



11 Facts about myself :

  1. My perspective view happens to vary all the time (not just because of my height).
  2. I am a bit lousy when it comes to maintaining my own health.
  3. Music rules a major part of my life.
  4. I would proudly call myself a Parents’ child (equal with both parents).
  5. Slow at decision-making which turns out to be my strength and not otherwise.
  6. A keen listener who prefers observing over conversing.
  7. I am a bit emotional but serious talks are definitely not my cup of coffee.
  8. Fact no. 7 said it …I LOVE COFFEE!!!
  9. “Persistence and perseverance are the two words to which you stand an epitome, my child!”, says my Dad.
  10. I fear heights and I’m sure not ashamed of it.
  11. A biology-lover ever since the subject was introduced to my syllabus.

Answering the questions :

1. What is Love?

Love is like virus. It lives under living conditions and is dead when kept out of the living conditions.

2.The First book that comes to your mind now?

The Chronicles of Narnia …(trumpet sounds fade in). This whole series had kept me engaged a lot, during my childhood and lessened my amma’s worries of going out to play.

3.Your Favorite Fictitious Character? Why do you love it?

My favorite character is without any doubt, TINTIN. He is an inspiration to me, till date and I preferentially chose him over Sherlock Holmes, to prove that. TINTIN taught me to tackle problems in a stay-cool manner and it has always shown to be effective. Not just problems, might I add. The very way of living life is uniquely magnificent when it is done by him. And not to forget his love for Snowy…

4.Are you a Plan-it-all or a Play-it-on Character?

Definitely a plan-it-all person…I personally think that planning and actually running the future in my mind, before it happens, is an effective way to avoid mistakes. It works for about three-fourth of the times.

5.Books or E-books?

I’d prefer books, every time this debate happens. There’s a thing to collecting books that I really can’t explain in words. All I know is that ‘THAT THING’ will never be achieved through e-Books!

6.Some words we read in a book or somewhere else define us? Share something that you read that defined your life intact?

OH! These words that get repeated over and over again in the book called “THE CHEMIST” are definitely the ones that define me. They are the three golden words Just in case. I mean to say, I think a few number of times before any action is done. This is a squared root situation – it has both a plus and a negative side to it. The negative side being time delay due to procrastination. The positive side because people understand that procrastinating is worth it , sooner or later.

7.Why did you start Blogging?

Good question! I started it to continue and preserve my work in a stable way. This was right after I started misplacing my writings on papers.

8.The person you idolize? Why?

I positively idolize my parents. I’m not sure if every kid is supposed to do that but yea I do it. They teach me a lot without teaching , say a lot without saying and do a lot without doing it in front of me. So they are my Ideal Idols.

9.You are walking by a dense forest. A genie pops in suddenly. It tells you that you can have anyone you wish to help you know. Whom will you call? Why?

Firstly, I don’t get the point in calling someone for help. I didn’t end up meeting a lion or something worse in the forest.It is a genie after all…but answering the question anyway…I’d call on my DAD for sure. It’s because I know that even if he’s just about to board a space shuttle to mars (say), he’d abort the mission and be there to save me.

10.The last 10 days of the world and you win an all expense paid trip to any place in this world of your choice. Where will you go?

I would love to go to France. I fancy that place not just because I’ve learnt a lot through learning the language, but also for its historical richness. Within those ten days I definitely want to travel by their metro to the various cities and make some sort of mark in each monument. I also wouldn’t want to miss travelling by Channel Tunnel.

11.Share a situation which tested your Patience?

Trying to walk with my ankle ligament, torn, was the most testing situation. It lead me to frustration and depression. Tackling that situation was a lesson for life.

Eleven questions for my nominees:

  1. What would you do if over one night, your blog becomes super famous?
  2. What are the top 3 ‘facilities’ in your writing area?
  3. Would you rather be inside politics and change it or stay away and complain?
  4. Are you the ‘early bird’ or the ‘night owl’?
  5. Where, in your opinion , should a birthday surprise happen?
  6. Which book are you addicted to lately?
  7. Laptop or Mobile phone ? when it comes to blogging…
  8. Would you be Ant man or an Ant in his army? Why?
  9. If not your current nationality, what else would you choose? Explain!
  10. How long can you go without food?
  11. Are you the “Be-myself-no-matter-what” person or “Change-to-others’-views” type of person?

Bloggers I nominate :