Is inviting me necessary?

Daily Prompt: Invitation


This is a short story to the one-word prompt ‘invitation’, pulled out from my own life. It was a cold wintery day (a holiday as you may assume) when the sun wouldn’t wake me up (I count on him most of the times) and my coffee had turned cold by the time my 5 mins spare time to wake up , was over. I got myself up , walked straight into my daily morning routines and while I was approaching my Red Beauty (Yes, even my bed has a nick name) for another short nap, buzzzz !!! I freaked out and within a minute realized that it was my phone calling on me. So I begged RB (Red Beauty) to give me a few more minutes before I could get back with her. So I did my daily check (with extra attention to my school group , since it’s been a while I’d met those peeps ) and every thing seemed to be as usual. So I had a sound sleep (for about 3 hours it seems!)  and wake up to my buzzz!!! again. And into that school group I went only to make a memory so strong that it has now become a reason to blog about. I  found the display pictures of the gang-sters showing off their recent meet up. And how recent was that? Just happened to be within those three hours that I hibernated. Not that I was invited while I was asleep and I missed it , but they missed out on me and Hence I wasn’t invited. I was hurt , as expected. But upon enquiry , I realised that they had assumed I would be busy. This didn’t bother me , neither will it bother me anymore  (meaning , I’ve seen way more ) for I’m turning into a part time intro-extro-vert and it has worked well thus far.

– Shreyy, who has a part stone-bloody-heart built-in.



  1. just barath · January 21, 2017

    Hey Shreyy’s Blog. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my post for more details. Happy Blogging. Big fan!!


  2. just barath · January 21, 2017

    Sleep is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Dont worry!!☺

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