One word- Secret (Inspiration task 3)


This task is specifically interesting as it deals with one of my all time favorites – the one-word prompts. I was given a list of about 7 words out of which I decided to choose Secret. One of the reasons should be my least association with the word besides my soul having an inward fancy feeling towards it (me being self-centric right there).

Secrets are silly things that we think are better hidden (which is why they are secrets) and we most probably relate them to introverts. I would like to differ from all those who would do as given above, by relating them to the extreme extroverts. These are the kind of people who are easy to be fooled by. They will make you believe that their extrovert nature is too extrovert-ish that you would have made up your mind to understand that they wouldn’t have anything to hide. So this advantage gets taken and thus secrets are held back in loads.

Also a secret is something that makes you feel secure (the thought of what others think of you) which is not needed even in the slightest bit , by the introverts since they prefer not having a social life at all. I would like to mention the reference character of Dr.Juliana Fortis from The Chemist (by Stephenie Meyer), who almost loses memory of her name as she had to keep it a secret by changing names constantly (in her situation, to keep her alive). In this reference ,she had to remain an introvert for almost three years ,to save herself and this case remains exceptional.

To me, the best kept secrets are those that have an amazing after-effect. Some things like relief , medical surprises or birthday surprises. Birthday surprises have been my personal favorites while they have also been the ones I’ve less seen.

Secrets can also be detrimental to relationships and therefore it is advised not to keep any (no more comments).

Secrets are therefore , unnecessary evils that people think of otherwise, which turn my mood off , the very moment I come to know that I’ve been denied right to information (Here is the biggest give away on ways to turn me off).

– Shreyy, an excellent secret-keeper but not a secret-possessor.






  1. just barath · January 17, 2017

    The best so far😍✌! cheers


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