The Big picture…

So as I was doing my monthly/yearly review of my brain’s memories just to test if I’m really me , I came across this one memory that I didn’t really have access to for a long while now. It is the one where I wasn’t being myself as much as I used to be. (“Used to be” is something I say to annoy my friend , even thought I don’t know why it really is a reason to get annoyed at.) If you’re reading this mate, this one’s for you 😉

There was this time period of my life where I wasn’t being myself. That doesn’t mean that I was being someone else. In fact it doesn’t even mean that I was pretending to be so. Waaaaiiiit a minute. Yeah , the point is, I wasn’t being me. There’s something with me and socialising with humans. I never “used to” socialize well at this period of my memory. You may think that humans are social beings after all. But there are people called introverts for a reason. And again since I wasn’t being myself , this doesn’t mean that I am generally an introvert. So I kept myself away from people and started my relations with animals. Why animals ? The reason is that they can’t talk back in a language that I understand well. While on the other plate , humans make my ears bleed and not always though. Just during this time when I wasn’t being myself. 

Cats and dogs of course. I kept pouring my emotions to them and they would either stare at me or meow/woof at me , which I admit , I did like a lot. Made me feel special that they listen only to me and don’t even oppose or question or judge me. I was being myself with them (here being myself is the not-being-myself side of me). And they showered their love upon me like tonight’s meteor shower ( you should take a look though). 

But later on towards the one of this memory , I guess I figured that it would work out to be away from humans as we are interdependent (I guess?). And without further ado , I was back to being myself . (Phew!) But it was one hell of an experience I must say! For that memory , which occurred to me last weekend , was The Big Picture I saw . 

-Shreyy , made of something great! (At least, That’s what she thinks.)

Do review me. 



  1. just barath · January 6, 2017

    Onnume Purila!


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