Jallikattu – A pride and responsibility!


As I was cross-referencing with my mind, asking her what I could probably write about and *Jallikattu* , she spilt spontaneously. The history relating to the existence of this traditional Tamil(Indian) sport dates all the way to 400 BC. “Yeru thazhuvuthal” was how the practice was called as , by the ancient Tamils (also Indians) , which literally translates to “Bull Embracing”. Another word used to describe this sport is “Manju virattu” , which literally translates to “Bull Chasing”. The modern term “Jallikattu” is derived from salli (coins) and kattu (package) which is in reference to the pack of coins tied to the horns of the animal and the retrieval of this pack is what declares the winner. The animals specifically bred for this game are the Kangayam breed of bulls , scientifically known as Bos indicus. These bulls are also the ones that are left to mate with the females cows to produce high quality milk for the calves.

The issue of concern during the past few years is the appraisal on the ban of this traditional sport and its consequences. There have been many instances where banning of traditional practices were only beneficial to all Indians (practices like Sati, untouchability, dowry demands etc…). But this has been dragged on as it seems to be absolutely non-beneficial for the Tamilians(Indians) and certainly no gain for the rest of the country either. But as we dig deeper into this issue, we have come to expose that this ban had links to corporate sectors desperately trying to bring in exotic bulls into the country. Why ban a sport then? The answer is quite obviously the ease in directly stopping the breeding of such bulls as they are originally bred for the sport itself. This clever planning of the centre and the entry of PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was a crucial leak for the Tamils (Indians) to take the lead and show the world that they do not need a government to represent them.

The reason why I kept specifying Tamils as Indians is because it is strong enough to believe that they belong to India and therefore, the sport is an Indian culture too. We the Tamils celebrate Independence day and Republic day on the same day as the rest of India does (coincidently). And to our surprise, we share the same physical boundary and public holidays as well. This clearly states that the centre should have put us first and technically rejected the request of the corporate companies. But THEY DID NOT! This is probably the second issue in line , in which we seem to feel slightly cheated upon, only by our own country.

When Vishwanath Anand wins Grandmaster or when Ashwin Ravichandran take over 5 wickets in a single innings or when C.V.Raman became the first Asian Nobel Laureate or even when three tamilians became the Presidents of India, they are the Pride of the nation. But when fishermen from the state get killed in Sri Lanka or when the people fight for a basic right (water) or when a ban like this could give a huge blow to the natives, we unfortunately become Just Tamilians and are left alone to deal with it. Many may argue differently, but I feel that this is definitely unfair.

This urges me to give a mention of those cruel games and treatments against bulls from other countries which supposedly seem fine but a game like ours, in a land like ours where cows are given at most respect, seems to be ill-treating animals. And do not expect us not to react to this. We definitely startled those who chose to believe that we will accept any kind of abuse. Nobody even thought of such a massive response initiated by the youngsters and those from the IT field. “They thought they had banned the bulls, but instead unleashed a pride of lions into the streets…”

This was just another flow of thoughts and feelings of a Tamilian who wishes all injustice done to her kind, gets undone! Fortunate for us that even if we were to be called emotional idiots , we’d rather accept it than to stay submissive.

– Shreyy, a proud Tamilian (Indian)…


Is inviting me necessary?

Daily Prompt: Invitation


This is a short story to the one-word prompt ‘invitation’, pulled out from my own life. It was a cold wintery day (a holiday as you may assume) when the sun wouldn’t wake me up (I count on him most of the times) and my coffee had turned cold by the time my 5 mins spare time to wake up , was over. I got myself up , walked straight into my daily morning routines and while I was approaching my Red Beauty (Yes, even my bed has a nick name) for another short nap, buzzzz !!! I freaked out and within a minute realized that it was my phone calling on me. So I begged RB (Red Beauty) to give me a few more minutes before I could get back with her. So I did my daily check (with extra attention to my school group , since it’s been a while I’d met those peeps ) and every thing seemed to be as usual. So I had a sound sleep (for about 3 hours it seems!)  and wake up to my buzzz!!! again. And into that school group I went only to make a memory so strong that it has now become a reason to blog about. I  found the display pictures of the gang-sters showing off their recent meet up. And how recent was that? Just happened to be within those three hours that I hibernated. Not that I was invited while I was asleep and I missed it , but they missed out on me and Hence I wasn’t invited. I was hurt , as expected. But upon enquiry , I realised that they had assumed I would be busy. This didn’t bother me , neither will it bother me anymore  (meaning , I’ve seen way more ) for I’m turning into a part time intro-extro-vert and it has worked well thus far.

– Shreyy, who has a part stone-bloody-heart built-in.

One word- Secret (Inspiration task 3)


This task is specifically interesting as it deals with one of my all time favorites – the one-word prompts. I was given a list of about 7 words out of which I decided to choose Secret. One of the reasons should be my least association with the word besides my soul having an inward fancy feeling towards it (me being self-centric right there).

Secrets are silly things that we think are better hidden (which is why they are secrets) and we most probably relate them to introverts. I would like to differ from all those who would do as given above, by relating them to the extreme extroverts. These are the kind of people who are easy to be fooled by. They will make you believe that their extrovert nature is too extrovert-ish that you would have made up your mind to understand that they wouldn’t have anything to hide. So this advantage gets taken and thus secrets are held back in loads.

Also a secret is something that makes you feel secure (the thought of what others think of you) which is not needed even in the slightest bit , by the introverts since they prefer not having a social life at all. I would like to mention the reference character of Dr.Juliana Fortis from The Chemist (by Stephenie Meyer), who almost loses memory of her name as she had to keep it a secret by changing names constantly (in her situation, to keep her alive). In this reference ,she had to remain an introvert for almost three years ,to save herself and this case remains exceptional.

To me, the best kept secrets are those that have an amazing after-effect. Some things like relief , medical surprises or birthday surprises. Birthday surprises have been my personal favorites while they have also been the ones I’ve less seen.

Secrets can also be detrimental to relationships and therefore it is advised not to keep any (no more comments).

Secrets are therefore , unnecessary evils that people think of otherwise, which turn my mood off , the very moment I come to know that I’ve been denied right to information (Here is the biggest give away on ways to turn me off).

– Shreyy, an excellent secret-keeper but not a secret-possessor.




The Big picture…

So as I was doing my monthly/yearly review of my brain’s memories just to test if I’m really me , I came across this one memory that I didn’t really have access to for a long while now. It is the one where I wasn’t being myself as much as I used to be. (“Used to be” is something I say to annoy my friend , even thought I don’t know why it really is a reason to get annoyed at.) If you’re reading this mate, this one’s for you 😉

There was this time period of my life where I wasn’t being myself. That doesn’t mean that I was being someone else. In fact it doesn’t even mean that I was pretending to be so. Waaaaiiiit a minute. Yeah , the point is, I wasn’t being me. There’s something with me and socialising with humans. I never “used to” socialize well at this period of my memory. You may think that humans are social beings after all. But there are people called introverts for a reason. And again since I wasn’t being myself , this doesn’t mean that I am generally an introvert. So I kept myself away from people and started my relations with animals. Why animals ? The reason is that they can’t talk back in a language that I understand well. While on the other plate , humans make my ears bleed and not always though. Just during this time when I wasn’t being myself. 

Cats and dogs of course. I kept pouring my emotions to them and they would either stare at me or meow/woof at me , which I admit , I did like a lot. Made me feel special that they listen only to me and don’t even oppose or question or judge me. I was being myself with them (here being myself is the not-being-myself side of me). And they showered their love upon me like tonight’s meteor shower ( you should take a look though). 

But later on towards the one of this memory , I guess I figured that it would work out to be away from humans as we are interdependent (I guess?). And without further ado , I was back to being myself . (Phew!) But it was one hell of an experience I must say! For that memory , which occurred to me last weekend , was The Big Picture I saw . 

-Shreyy , made of something great! (At least, That’s what she thinks.)

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