My List (Inspiration task 2)

My List

It’s been a very long time since I continued these tasks. So, my second one happens to be about making a list of things. And I find it appropriate to list out the events (every firsts to be specific) in my life (in chronological order if possible).

  • Birth                                         – The most important event .
  • First Cry                                  – obviously at birth. ♥
  • First Kiss                                 – from my parents.
  • First Trip                                 – for my first tonsuring.
  • First Walk                               – something that made transportation possible, around                                                              1st year of life.
  • First Talk                                 – oh boy, many still wonder if my mouth won’t pain at                                                                all…soon after learning to walk.
  • First Love                                 – my parents.
  • First socializing                     – first schooling in Pre.K.G. grade.
  • First  Class                               – sleeping class (although it is rather embarrassing).
  • First Fav. teacher                   – my U.K.G. class teacher.
  • First Fall                                   – in U.K.G., at the basketball court, on my left knee,after                                                             getting pushed by a kid, smaller than me.
  • First excursion                        – to the Guindy Park ,opposite my current university.
  • First Speech                             – farewell speech of a senior teacher , when I was in                                                                      2nd grade.
  • First Fight                                 – at home , fo being denied permission to go to                                                                                grandparents’ house (which is apparently                                                                                       situated in the next street), all alone.
  • First Blunder                            – stapling my finger while trying to figure out what the                                                                stapler could possibly do. (probably in my 3rd or                                                                           4th grade).
  • First Use of a Pen                    – for the 4th grade.
  • First Change                             – changing to a new school for 6th grade.
  • First Pro Game                         – volleyball, in 6th grade.
  • First Major injury                    – in 8th grade, losing my left ankle ligament, while                                                                      playing an intense volley match.
  • First Serious Exam                  – my 10th board exams.
  • First Blogging site                   – right after 10th.
  • First BIG Responsibility        – Heading my house at school.
  • First BIG Disappointment    – not joining my first choice of career.
  • First BIG Comeback                – getting into Anna University ♥♥

That’s it for now!

– Shreyy , who is very bad at being a listomaniac ….


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