Woo the word off. 

This is a story of the word I used to love. Mind you, I still love it , I don’t know why! It was created for a purpose profound. I used to love saying it each day simply for what it referred to. But unfortunately life as we know it , doesn’t like playing nice to us. So it took away the very purpose for which I had created the name. It took it away from me. Like uprooting Trees from the ground , stuffs which only a storm could do. A severe intense storm. And so now , it’s gone. My reference or purpose is gone.  It has left me. But this word is still here with me in my mind as I wouldn’t want to take it to my heart. For if I did so, it wouldn’t turn out good for me. And the least ‘the purpose’ could give me was uber cool darkness. I may have to keep this as low-key as possible because I  wouldn’t want to end up in a bigger trouble than this. Most people call it nick name . I call it Abu with a woo following it. 

– Shreyy, someone who is wooing her time away.. 


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