FLEE away to glory…


Or did it now , really? I don’t think so! This one-word prompt strongly reminds me of all those people in my life , whom I jovially refer to as flees.The logic behind this nomenclature is quite simple and acceptable by all those who’ve experienced backstabbing, cheating, leaving and many more ‘ings on the line. It is because these flees simply fly or flee away from my life at no particular time for no better reason that to have found someone better than me! HA! But I would like to make my link to this post on a happy/funny note rather than a serious , walk-down-memory-lane one. So bear with  me as I am about to restart this post in a better way. THIS ONE-WORD PROMPT strongly reminds me of an english session in primary school around the 5th grade i think. We were deeply engrossed in a reading task given to us by our teacher.

“The more fluent ( the lesser mistakes you make of course) you read , the more marks you may secure”, were her golden words to us to succeed in the task.

Like I said we were deeply engrossed into the task given until this adorable child with batting eyelashes gave the class a great reason to laugh at her very first spooning experience…Yeah you guessed it right. That was me! Instead of reading “The flies flee away” , I read it as “The flee flies away “…Ouch that was embarrassing indeed but at least I could make my class happy unlike other FLEES……If you know what I mean!!!

– Shreyy, who kept frying flies during yesterday’s storm ,Vardah.


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