My List (Inspiration task 2)

My List

It’s been a very long time since I continued these tasks. So, my second one happens to be about making a list of things. And I find it appropriate to list out the events (every firsts to be specific) in my life (in chronological order if possible).

  • Birth                                         – The most important event .
  • First Cry                                  – obviously at birth. ♥
  • First Kiss                                 – from my parents.
  • First Trip                                 – for my first tonsuring.
  • First Walk                               – something that made transportation possible, around                                                              1st year of life.
  • First Talk                                 – oh boy, many still wonder if my mouth won’t pain at                                                                all…soon after learning to walk.
  • First Love                                 – my parents.
  • First socializing                     – first schooling in Pre.K.G. grade.
  • First  Class                               – sleeping class (although it is rather embarrassing).
  • First Fav. teacher                   – my U.K.G. class teacher.
  • First Fall                                   – in U.K.G., at the basketball court, on my left knee,after                                                             getting pushed by a kid, smaller than me.
  • First excursion                        – to the Guindy Park ,opposite my current university.
  • First Speech                             – farewell speech of a senior teacher , when I was in                                                                      2nd grade.
  • First Fight                                 – at home , fo being denied permission to go to                                                                                grandparents’ house (which is apparently                                                                                       situated in the next street), all alone.
  • First Blunder                            – stapling my finger while trying to figure out what the                                                                stapler could possibly do. (probably in my 3rd or                                                                           4th grade).
  • First Use of a Pen                    – for the 4th grade.
  • First Change                             – changing to a new school for 6th grade.
  • First Pro Game                         – volleyball, in 6th grade.
  • First Major injury                    – in 8th grade, losing my left ankle ligament, while                                                                      playing an intense volley match.
  • First Serious Exam                  – my 10th board exams.
  • First Blogging site                   – right after 10th.
  • First BIG Responsibility        – Heading my house at school.
  • First BIG Disappointment    – not joining my first choice of career.
  • First BIG Comeback                – getting into Anna University ♥♥

That’s it for now!

– Shreyy , who is very bad at being a listomaniac ….


The bigger conundrum.


Hi again. Conundrum brings to my mind the essence of this world. Our world is itself a huge conundrum. It is in other words vexing , difficult yet sounds like a riddle. When I say world and confusion, LIFE gets attached without saying. Our life , the world we spend this in, this very blog and everything are a big question mark when we think of them. So how long do you think I could possibly ponder around the word , when the word itself is confusing? Good night then!

–  Shreyy, who is chilled out now,…by the weather.

Woo the word off. 

This is a story of the word I used to love. Mind you, I still love it , I don’t know why! It was created for a purpose profound. I used to love saying it each day simply for what it referred to. But unfortunately life as we know it , doesn’t like playing nice to us. So it took away the very purpose for which I had created the name. It took it away from me. Like uprooting Trees from the ground , stuffs which only a storm could do. A severe intense storm. And so now , it’s gone. My reference or purpose is gone.  It has left me. But this word is still here with me in my mind as I wouldn’t want to take it to my heart. For if I did so, it wouldn’t turn out good for me. And the least ‘the purpose’ could give me was uber cool darkness. I may have to keep this as low-key as possible because I  wouldn’t want to end up in a bigger trouble than this. Most people call it nick name . I call it Abu with a woo following it. 

– Shreyy, someone who is wooing her time away.. 

FLEE away to glory…


Or did it now , really? I don’t think so! This one-word prompt strongly reminds me of all those people in my life , whom I jovially refer to as flees.The logic behind this nomenclature is quite simple and acceptable by all those who’ve experienced backstabbing, cheating, leaving and many more ‘ings on the line. It is because these flees simply fly or flee away from my life at no particular time for no better reason that to have found someone better than me! HA! But I would like to make my link to this post on a happy/funny note rather than a serious , walk-down-memory-lane one. So bear with  me as I am about to restart this post in a better way. THIS ONE-WORD PROMPT strongly reminds me of an english session in primary school around the 5th grade i think. We were deeply engrossed in a reading task given to us by our teacher.

“The more fluent ( the lesser mistakes you make of course) you read , the more marks you may secure”, were her golden words to us to succeed in the task.

Like I said we were deeply engrossed into the task given until this adorable child with batting eyelashes gave the class a great reason to laugh at her very first spooning experience…Yeah you guessed it right. That was me! Instead of reading “The flies flee away” , I read it as “The flee flies away “…Ouch that was embarrassing indeed but at least I could make my class happy unlike other FLEES……If you know what I mean!!!

– Shreyy, who kept frying flies during yesterday’s storm ,Vardah.

EG – the short form of fear…

It’s been a really long time really , since I’ve written something around here. So I figured that the night before this thing called EG , could be the perfect topic for a comeback. It is something that all 1st year engineering college going fellows fear of. Fear ,yeah , is a strong word I’m using there but it’s worth it. It is just because that the slightest of mistakes in this subject could lead to a loss of a whole bunch of marks. It’s like a ride or die situation here. You either attempt it and expect for the best or you play safe by not attempting at all (thereby saving your name)… But on the other hand I take pride in calling this my favourite subject, as of now. It brings the real talent out of you, by spraying pepper mint spray on the talent’s face so that it can’t ever go to rest again. 😮 You use your brain to the fullest , and each time you get it right , that happens to be the best feeling in the world.  You’ll either find happy or sad faces coming out of the hall but I have to mention the same thrill each one goes through inside. In my opinion, EG must be made compulsory in colleges of all sorts of disciplines. It improves your awareness and brightens your mind like no other person or thing could do. It gives you company on all sleepless nights ( most of which are due to the company itself ) and makes you sleep when it is being taught. It is such a mystery that even the teacher won’t be able to comprehend. I guess it’s time to get to bed now. They say a fresh mind does good pictures. Good night now people! 😉 

-Shreyy , with a blood clot in her palm. 

P.S. : Exams on Sundays could be devastating and EG refers to Engineering Graphics by the way.  :’)