Side walk

This one-word brings in my mind, memories of my childhood spent at school. I should particularly mention my middle schooling time, when my walking by foot was my way to reach home. I had to use the side-walk all along the way. It used to be a bit risky but I loved it anyway. So , this one fine day , I was walking on the side-walk inside my school that led to the road outside. It was such a lovely Weather that I so had to swing my hands to and fro , to enjoy it. This is because ,we the people of Chennai hardly get to witness such a beautiful Weather…(as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post on Weather in my city). And so I did it all the way and when I was about to reach the end of the side-walk, one of the side bars( those metal cylindrical bars kept to demarcate the side-walk from the road) , tore my palm into a big bloody slit.I was bleeding heavily ,yeah. The mark still is there on my palm and it is noticeably big , to the extent that I’ve used it as an identification mark as well…:’).

– Shreyyy, someone who avoids swinging her hands on the roads henceforth!