WHY I write…(Inspiration task 1)


I write because it gives me a feeling of exercising my right to expression , to the fullest. It tells me that I’ve been given a very empowering right ,which sadly many are deprived of (i.e., in certain countries not giving the right to expression). Youngsters these days find mind-blowing reasons to whine about. They ,with respect to my context, complain about not being given enough/nil freedom. They think that their parents/elders , depriving them of certain things , is taking away their freedom. This is probable due to their young and rebellious nature.

Little do they know that they are lucky enough to do what they do everyday. I’m saying this because ,I came to know through a seminar in college, that there are countries where eating with bare hands, is a serious crime and is seen in par with crimes involving killings. ’tis shocking indeed , isn’t it? The only obvious reason is that we are given near-to-ultimate freedom. Now I had to bring this up to tell you how honored I feel to be in a place where the freedom of expression is certainly made use of. And I think that’s what makes me come back for more ,every time I’m done with a post. This is something similar to the everlasting love that belongs to the movies. It seems real but I still cannot believe how close ‘writing’ has come to my heart and mind. I guess I did end up expressing my right ,yet again . Thanks a lot for reading (reading must also be a technique developed well and kept to the heart I suppose) ! Tell me in a line as to why you write , in the comment box below…

-Shreyy, a someone who is committed to writing since 2 years. 😉



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