My Very FIRST…

Finally the week-end has arrived! Well I’m saying this because this ain’t no ordinary week-end. It marks the end of My Very First week of college .Yes , a new chapter of life had started and I cherished it to the most. For most of you who don’t know what Anna University is like , it is a huge area (YEAH ,I mean H U G E) …so HUGE that a new comer could get easily lost. Therefore having a saved google map on your phone is necessary. According to what I’ve seen ,there are three auditoriums, each for the three campuses inside and subsequently three canteens. There’s also separate book stores and an Aavin milk booth for refreshments. One huge library follows the canteen ,which is followed by French Loaf ? and the sports block , all surrounding the huge playground…Right opposite to this side , is where you’ll find the various hostels and one health care centre. Take the road straight from the ground and you’ll end up reaching the workshop with all students in Kaaki (brown-greenish) .Also I need to make a mention about all my lovely seniors who are trained at making you feel out-of-place ,if you’re a fresher! They can easily identify us as 1st year students with the help of our bright orange-colored ID card tags.

Once I got the feel of it , after the orientation day ,it was time for the first day of classes . I was filled with anxiety, excitement as I kept looking forward to the academics and the other 62 people whom I’d be with for the next four years. It so happened that a good friend from school had joined the same course as I and that boosted those feelings. DAY 1 went on smoothly as we met up with our chemistry and english professors. English class was pretty memorable as I had made a mention of this very blog of mine to the class during  the intro session. It is also fascinating to note that my class comprises of only 14 guys and the rest 49 are girls. DAY 2 saw the selection of our class representatives (REPS as we dearly call them) , two from the girls and two from the boys. We also met up with our physics teacher and had our first lab sessions. DAY 3 went on well . We met our computer and our mathematics professors .  I had to go to my school’s Annual Prize Day to receive my Leadership award and my trophy for a state rank in French . Finally came DAY 4 where we met up with our EG (Engineering Graphics) professor. During his hour we had a game or rather a competition I would say. The class was divided into 6 groups and we had to give our partner in the paired groups , a topic , on which one representative from each group, would draw the top and front views on the board. My group was given the aeroplane and after a long process of discussion and contributions from the team ,I drew it on the board . This was also the day when I collected my first year books from the book shop ( Co-operative society , inside the campus).

Now I feel much more comfortable with college and as I look back already , it is past 12 A.M. WHICH MEANS TODAY IS FRIENDSHIP DAY… So happy friendship day to all you guys reading this post and have a splendid sunday!

– Shreyy , a happy ACTain…


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