Profound meaning…


So this one-word prompt really prompted me to explore the meanings that this single word ‘PROFOUND’ could possibly mean. And according to my previous knowledge and my added info , I think the word “profound” could be the word we all try so hard to express but your brain just doesn’t tap your memory at the right time . It is one of those frustrating moments where you are certain that you know this word you’re trying to use , but it just won’t be there at the time of need. So what do we humans do? We try other alternatives to make sure that the meaning is delivered. For example , we could use words like ‘Huge’ , ‘Large’ , ‘Vast’ , ‘Extreme’ , ‘Massive’ and the list goes on. But what if THE word to be used is just ‘Profound’ and shouldn’t be replaced with something else ? How do we tackle such adrenaline-producing situations ? The answer is simple. We do remember the names of our close ones really well , better than difficult words . This is because we say those names almost every day and therefore even if you didn’t meet that person for a week, you’ll still greet them by their name after the week. So if we could practice difficult words by saying them aloud each day (maybe assign each word to a person?) , you will end up recalling it whenever you need it , no matter what! I hope this post was useful enough to most of you…do tell me if it was or not.

– Shreyy , a starter at what I just advised.



  1. just barath · August 2, 2016

    A good advice!! Will try!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. teaismyjam · August 2, 2016

    Yes, so true, it’s like the feeling when you know a word but try to use it one and it feels so alien, not fitting into any mould that you have.

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