To be or not to be … punished!


So…the very first thing I woke up to , this morning was a whole bunch of blunders. First and if not the worst was to look into the mirror and get taken aback! Then it continued to misplacing my glasses and believe me searching for them (being short-sited) is a terrible task. After a whole lot of trouble taken , to find my second pair of eyes , I finally did the morning casualties and sat down for breakfast. WAIT A MINUTE. You guessed it . I took the wrong plate and found my mum staring me down. So I just ruffled up back in bed and pulled my new silver tanned lappy to check my blog and found it hadn’t been updated since ages .Went on to check on my daily prompt tasks and took this 3 day old task as it was “so relatable”. OKAAAAY! I get it. I did make it look like all that had happened this morning were actually related to the topic. Apologies on that account! So anyways , this word must’ve been a painful repetition in all of our lives for sure. We all do mistakes . It’s just a part of being human for us ,’Human Beings’. You would’ve gotten punished for various silly reasons by many people you wouldn’t have expected it from. For instance , punished for breaking an expensive article or getting punished for reaching school ,late. It could even refer to silly punishments like getting seen-zoned on Whatsapp as a reward for your false actions or getting Belt-whipped by your dad…(just indian-dad-leather-belt things). And it is amazing to note that even after so many punishments , we don’t turn tough bull skinned…do we? We still are forgiven and we still do such mistakes at a smaller scale if not the previous larger one. But certain mistakes are legendary and if they weren’t made , we would’ve , missed out on a lot. For example : Einstein knew the dangers of his established studies on laser and thus warned Maimer (his student) not to experiment further and discover it. But as we all can guess , he did the contrary and went on with experiments which led him to discover Laser. It was a legendary mistake indeed and we can’t imagine certain surgeries and molecular studies without it now. Although our elders cannot accept our mistakes as Legendary , we still do continue to do them …which in my opinion is what makes us what we are ! So go on accept punishments and have a better understanding of why you get punished , when you grow older..

– Shreyy , a non-legendary mistake maker…