Mountain mountain everywhere…


It was a lovely morning of november, 2015. Everybody was up and about with their daily casualties. So was I. A busy city indeed , is mine . So busy, that we failed to notice the drastic change in weather . Suddenly we felt cold and it was breezy. The meteorological department did announce the upcoming rains… so i guess it didn’t grab our attention. The rain started smooth. ‘ twas like any other november rain … or was it? We sure did mistake that about-to-change-our-lives moment for good. The rains continued for days and weeks and then a month. Then it turned from ‘normal’ to ‘unusual’ to ‘okay that’s not right’ to ‘what on earth is going on?’. The rains turned into floods and made my city a second Venice (no joke). The lake, that had been dry for many years , which was used as a site of building homes , was back! Houses were floating , so were people. Floods came up to unbelievable levels – to the level of submerging a whole bridge! People had to travel by boats. Thanks to the timely help of people all over india and mainly to those unaffected people of chennai. NOW, it’s past a half-year since this happened. And we’re back to our original form. Nothing more. Nothing less. And that’s what i call recovery at it’s best. The word mountain brought to my mind , this unforgettable incident, where with humanity and love, we proved to this cruel world, that NO MOUNTAIN IS TOO BIG TO CROSS!


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