Father’s day eve…^.^

Dad , you’re someone to look up to , no matter how tall I’ve grown!

I thought it would be amazing to blog about my daddy on the eve of Father’s day! It’s funny how I always forget father’s day while I never miss to gift my mom something on mother’s day. Yet he hasn’t complained.. therefore I decided to do this little something for him. As far as I can imagine , I think he’s probably the only dad who treats his kid like his best friend yet guide me like a project mentor would. As if each section of life were a project itself. Planning each part out. Being proactive , ability to radiate love , and being slow to anger are qualities that I’m still in the process of learning from him. Dads are always their daughters’ first love and first heroes. Both hold good in my case as well. Sustenance even during hardships is something i adore about him… With that being said , I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day Daddy…I did remember this time :$

-Shreyy , a proud daughter.

P.S.- For those who don’t believe in heroes …let me tell you this. You haven’t met my dad yet!



  1. Subhiksha · June 18, 2016



  2. Sishir · June 20, 2016

    Nice one from a proud daughter to an equally proud father!
    Happy Father’s Day Senthil!

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