My City :’)


Another chance to blog about one of my favourites topics, has come! Standing at the lower levels of categories in terms of human habitats, cities are nowadays referred to as man-made wonders.And as i already made a mention of my city (CHENNAI) in my previous post (Beating the heat?) , it shouldn’t be as tough to describe it yet again…It’s just a beautiful city with co-operating citizens and every essential and non-essential amenity , available at the vicinity. I do understand that all these are required for a place to be coined , a city. But hey, this city has seen me from my very first cry and till date has always been passionate about me. When i fall down , i only lift my head up to see chennai help me get back up . I also know this doesn’t make sense , but that’s how i feel about my city… And I’m sure my fellow chennaites will agree!

-Shreyy , a sincere chennaite.


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