Couldn’t help …

I couldn’t help catching that look on your face . It was an unexplainable sight. You looked perplexed and nauseated.  I was searching for help in the meanwhile, to see if there was anyone at all with the right skill and reflex , to aid you . But as weird as your expression seemed , there was not a single soul as far as I could see. It was just you and I , all alone , staring at two things – me staring at you , and you staring right ahead of me. I wondered if I should hold onto you , so that you may not fall and break down. But I also had inner voices narrating to me ,the consequences. So I chose not to. In the depths of my thoughts , I figured you were a piece of beauty and art that had to be complimented. Gosh! You must’ve  been a museum piece perhaps ? But over and again , I had to contradict these pink thoughts with the irony of your face. The so called window of the soul was worn out , maybe as you never keep them shut? There are as many thoughts as my neuron count , in my head right now. But the brightest of all , so happened to be the awe and self admiration at my ability to take such a long time to comprehend a statue, outside a museum in my whole life.

– Shreyy , outside the museum of     arts .


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