Empty vessels…


Yet another unique one-word to blog about indeed. When you are in distress , what do you do? Talk to God? Maybe listen to music ? But some simply drink many tumblers of water . Water is indeed a stress reliever .But what happens after you’re done drinking ? The tumbler / glass obviously becomes empty . Now, after it gets empty , it sure isn’t going to hurt the vessel. It’ll instead hurt your ears when it comes in contact with another empty vessel. Thus the saying -” Empty vessels make the loudest noise ” was correctly said. Now if we were to put the word ‘human/person’ in every place where I used the word ‘vessel/glass/tumbler’ and it would still make perfect sense 😉

– Shreyy , a fully filled vessel…




This one-word prompt is definitely an interesting word to blog of. It describes one of the purposes of these one-word prompts – aimless blogging. When I don’t have any idea of what to blog of ,or I don’t get into the mood to write , but want to blog anyway ,or I can’t find my lucky writing socks…now that’s what I call being aimless. But there are people who end up being aimless in life and that turns out to be dangerous indeed. Until we find our true purpose of existence , we shouldn’t be giving up and lead life in an aimless way. Good luck to those still in the process of discovering it . Once you’ve discovered it , never let go of it. I figured that I just ended up making another endless blog. Good night people :’)

– Shreyy, still searching for her lucky-writing socks.

Father’s day eve…^.^

Dad , you’re someone to look up to , no matter how tall I’ve grown!

I thought it would be amazing to blog about my daddy on the eve of Father’s day! It’s funny how I always forget father’s day while I never miss to gift my mom something on mother’s day. Yet he hasn’t complained.. therefore I decided to do this little something for him. As far as I can imagine , I think he’s probably the only dad who treats his kid like his best friend yet guide me like a project mentor would. As if each section of life were a project itself. Planning each part out. Being proactive , ability to radiate love , and being slow to anger are qualities that I’m still in the process of learning from him. Dads are always their daughters’ first love and first heroes. Both hold good in my case as well. Sustenance even during hardships is something i adore about him… With that being said , I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day Daddy…I did remember this time :$

-Shreyy , a proud daughter.

P.S.- For those who don’t believe in heroes …let me tell you this. You haven’t met my dad yet!

Mountain mountain everywhere…


It was a lovely morning of november, 2015. Everybody was up and about with their daily casualties. So was I. A busy city indeed , is mine . So busy, that we failed to notice the drastic change in weather . Suddenly we felt cold and it was breezy. The meteorological department did announce the upcoming rains… so i guess it didn’t grab our attention. The rain started smooth. ‘ twas like any other november rain … or was it? We sure did mistake that about-to-change-our-lives moment for good. The rains continued for days and weeks and then a month. Then it turned from ‘normal’ to ‘unusual’ to ‘okay that’s not right’ to ‘what on earth is going on?’. The rains turned into floods and made my city a second Venice (no joke). The lake, that had been dry for many years , which was used as a site of building homes , was back! Houses were floating , so were people. Floods came up to unbelievable levels – to the level of submerging a whole bridge! People had to travel by boats. Thanks to the timely help of people all over india and mainly to those unaffected people of chennai. NOW, it’s past a half-year since this happened. And we’re back to our original form. Nothing more. Nothing less. And that’s what i call recovery at it’s best. The word mountain brought to my mind , this unforgettable incident, where with humanity and love, we proved to this cruel world, that NO MOUNTAIN IS TOO BIG TO CROSS!

Couldn’t help …

I couldn’t help catching that look on your face . It was an unexplainable sight. You looked perplexed and nauseated.  I was searching for help in the meanwhile, to see if there was anyone at all with the right skill and reflex , to aid you . But as weird as your expression seemed , there was not a single soul as far as I could see. It was just you and I , all alone , staring at two things – me staring at you , and you staring right ahead of me. I wondered if I should hold onto you , so that you may not fall and break down. But I also had inner voices narrating to me ,the consequences. So I chose not to. In the depths of my thoughts , I figured you were a piece of beauty and art that had to be complimented. Gosh! You must’ve  been a museum piece perhaps ? But over and again , I had to contradict these pink thoughts with the irony of your face. The so called window of the soul was worn out , maybe as you never keep them shut? There are as many thoughts as my neuron count , in my head right now. But the brightest of all , so happened to be the awe and self admiration at my ability to take such a long time to comprehend a statue, outside a museum in my whole life.

– Shreyy , outside the museum of     arts .

My City :’)


Another chance to blog about one of my favourites topics, has come! Standing at the lower levels of categories in terms of human habitats, cities are nowadays referred to as man-made wonders.And as i already made a mention of my city (CHENNAI) in my previous post (Beating the heat?) , it shouldn’t be as tough to describe it yet again…It’s just a beautiful city with co-operating citizens and every essential and non-essential amenity , available at the vicinity. I do understand that all these are required for a place to be coined , a city. But hey, this city has seen me from my very first cry and till date has always been passionate about me. When i fall down , i only lift my head up to see chennai help me get back up . I also know this doesn’t make sense , but that’s how i feel about my city… And I’m sure my fellow chennaites will agree!

-Shreyy , a sincere chennaite.

Open spaces


This prompt thing has got me and my lucky writing socks going about ….the word OPEN is quite indescribable in just words. To me it means my room without people , my school without friends , talking freely with thin air and maybe more.

– shreyy :’)


Simplicity – http://wp.me/p23sd-12uw

I’d say (with my lucky writing socks on ) that this word reminds me strongly of how certain people who possessed it , actually scaled heights of achievements to count…it is fascinating how a 10 letter word could mean so much. I admit not all have the ability to stay simple or basically be polite or calm or less noisy or unusual and so on… Such words describe that 10 letter word , the best 🙂
And always KISS – Keep It SIMPLE and Sweet :’)

– shreyy

Beating the heat?

What a lovely sunny day yet again…we don’t complain anymore to be honest. WE THE CHENNAITES have gotten used to the sun’s games as we know it. It’s 36Âșc today with dry hot wind blowing …feels like living in an oven much. But I’d look ridiculous if you were to look at my present blogging conditions – an air-conditioned room with cold water by my side to hydrate and rehydrate…yet i’m saying this! The real victims are out there on the road , working or playing or doing whatever is to be done despite this heat. At this point the recent heat strokes (sun strokes) have to be mentioned. They took away a few lives on their way. ’tis sad indeed because we aren’t really aware of the coming waves and when we realise , it’s too late. Also ,the little kids get a taste of the heat , fresh as it starts ,due to the reopening of schools around this very time. Therefore the reason for our amazing tans is  explained … *blushes a bit* .But do not sympathize on us just yet 😉 , we chennaites love our summer for various reasons as follows :

Eve of swimming classes :

Although we do have regular swimming classes , those that take place in summers are always memorable. Getting to meet lovely peeps from all places of the city, hardcore training sessions in the scorching sun…they are memorable indeed.

Who needs a swimming pool when we have MARINA?

Yeah..that’s right . Marina is our beautiful beach where people don’t mind spending time despite the heat. You’ll find this beach open till almost 12 a.m. and it’d still be busy. Those merry go rounds , horse riding scenes , youngsters getting drowned (it happens too often these days) , ships sited afar , variety of food stalls (served our way) and of course , the LIGHTHOUSE . This place is a sentimental one for the elderly , the homeless, the young, and the sand artists… (Do visit if you haven’t).

Nature’s remedy :

The tender coconut is such a life saviour on the go…nothing more needs to be said about this self-explanatory element. :’)

The list goes on

  • Longing for cold water baths
  • Eating ice creams everyday to the level of ending up with tonsilitis *Blushes in embarrassment*…
  • Soaking in ones own sweat and entering into a chilled room for the comfort of evaporation ❀
  •  Looking out to wear the least clothing possible…
  • Girls dressed to a level where we doubt them to be terrorists …(i prefer a tan though).
  • Cancellations of every one of a hundred plans just because *It’s too hot yaar*.

HEY , i can go on and on about this. But this year in particular has seen diverse changes in climate all over the world , succeeding the november floods. OH ,who would forget that ‘bridge-submerging’ flood…it changed the lives of many and revealed some strong emotions such as humanity at the time of need , to the extent that The Indian of The Year award was given to the people of Chennai :’)

We do have ups and downs but i strongly believe that out weather would definitely not be the reason for dense migration out of our home town – CHENNAI  ….*Blushes one final time *

– Shreyy , a sincere Chennaite .