Three men in MY boat…


So it went on…my happy life with a beautiful dream to deal with. As the D day came closer and closer , three men (old ones tho ) jumped into my boat to travel along with me and my dream…they are people with power of the judiciary . And as
in India where judiciary stands highest , they took the lead. They brought up an issue that was buried away to rest about 3 years ago. Back then I was in a different syllabus (CBSE) . And since THAT issue (about the common entrance – NEET) was put to rest , my angels decided to put me in another syllabus (STATE BOARD) So that achieving my dream (my destination ) would be just a little easier. And so it happened. I came in here . I learned their ways. I saw them do. I did it myself. I then improved and finally gave my boards . But then the same 2013 issue came up and was put to rest again! “Phew” I thought . But these three men ? …who allegedly came into my boat ? … They dug this ISSUE back up and turned my dream topsy-turvy . And poof.. I woke up To see my dream broken. A 15 year long dream…shattered in ONE day’s judgement…I don’t know why they did this . But my dream to become a doctor (and further stuff) was SHATTERED. Asked to reconsider the case again , all they could say is “we have the Delhi pollution case to deal with . Hence we’re busy.” I’m not against NEET completely. It would’ve been fair if they would’ve first made the board of syllabus equal to all (where is equality now?), and then conducted NEET..They’ve heard this a million times. For this wasn’t my dream alone. My dear brothers and sisters (Indians we are) who shared this amazing dream with me , specially the ones who are helpless ( eg: myself) , are also affected…all our boats were destroyed and dream shattered. I know that this (my heart felt tears) doesn’t even match a speck of dust in the eyes of the so-called JUST…but if you’re reading this sir, this is the very first time that my country hurt me…and let ME tell you …it hurt too bad! We’ll see how this goes on and do keep us (the affected ) in your prayers…
Amen .

– Shreyaa Senthilkumar…(who wishes to add the word MBBS after her name)