Social insecurities. (No. 47)

For those who’re checking my blog out for the first time, I try centering my blog around the issues that go unaddressed due to false-minimalistic appearance. I do this for each age group only as I pass that group myself. So that being said, from blog number 1 till here has been about the adolescent age and I’ll soon be moving into adulthood – both my blog and I. Happy reading! Ping me if you need to.

The title sounds familiar huh? These are the things that decide the mask we all wear for the outer world to see. The other day, while engaging in a conversation with a friend of mine who is taller than me, I realised that since I don’t get surrounded by a lot of tall people, I’ve never actually considered this an irrational first fear.

You know that feeling of trying to look perfect when you’re seeing someone for the first time – may it be anything from adjusting your dress to focusing your glasses because you really are trying ‘to look’ perfectly at this stranger. That feeling is something which drives us far away from our comfort zone. I’m not saying it is wrong but since the topic revolves around the very idea, I’ll make it look unethical for a few rounds.

Here’s a segment of appreciation to the Indian mind-set Indians for accepting girls with no cooking sense and boys with no directional sense. Some guys feel socially insecure when addressed about their driving or directional sense. It’s not a hard rule that they need to know how to drive or remember each route. It is also not right to expect a guy to be 6 ft tall, well-built, have his own vehicle and have a good memory of routes (sorry for being oddly specific). In fact considering such traits to be perfect, is by itself, backward in thinking. The same pattern applies to girls. Admit it, there are girls who drive better, not so good in the kitchen and take the upper-hand in a relationship.

What’s backwards is not the ways that people choose to follow, but how others judge them based on it.

Social insecurities are the same emotion-instigators as public nuisances such as spitting, staring point-blank at strangers, harassing and what not. Imagine yourself being spit on by your fellow passenger who has zero regrets, on a train that takes you home after a long day at work. Now imagine getting a comment on your looks or behaviour or status from a person you barely know! I see no difference.

Insecurities may range anywhere from having a bad hair day to not being able to fit into a peer group. There’s no such thing big or small. Each insecurity is like a diamond – only differently shaped but all of them bear great values. Then again, correcting society to our needs is near to impossible and totally out of control, unless you’re politically powerful. But what’s doable is to take these insecurities to your parents or any one elder to you whom you trust not to misuse them. After all they are named insecurities for a reason.

– Shreyy, with an insecurity for heights.


Measures against women (harassment) ’46’

See what I did to the title? Although measures against women and those against women harassment are meant to be opposites, I see them to be similar these days for the following reasons.

  • The other day, we went out directly from college to a mall and one of my friends were asked to give up her pair of scissors at the mall entry check. Even though the fact that a student can casually have those, they were strictly removed. But to my eyes all that I saw was a bunch of corporates not making sense. To me, a girl these days should be legally allowed to carry a sword for her protection, let alone scissors.
  • Whoever said that people abuse women only in dark lonely places, couldn’t be more wrong.  They do it right in front of hundreds of people as well. Where you ask? At the checking process of the NEET examinations. I do not intend to blame the necessity of the exam. The exam is a great criteria to select to-be doctors. BUT I’ve personally seen such incidents at the checking hall where girls are asked to strip down because the metal detectors beeps at her bust level. It is even more sad that the people who check them tend to be women and even they cannot understand that bras do have metal pieces sometimes. “Wear a bra”, says the society, “remove them” says the selection committee.
  • Now you may think I’m exaggerating, but I know for a fact that every girl would agree when I say that it feels as if the person can see through us, when they stare at us. Now, backward minded people will say guys only stare when a girl wears short and exposing dresses. I for one am a testimony myself. I wear traditional and most of the time tom-boyish outfits but no matter how covered I am, guys still stare shamelessly. So I may sound like a stereotypical feminist or you would’ve seen this in other aggressive posts, but my message to the community is : Teach your sons not to stare or misbehave with girls over your girls to not go out and wear covering clothes.
  • The very thought that occurs to guys when a girl does something that she usually shouldn’t do, is backward. If you think you belong to the majority, then very well, this time majority sucked.
  • Lastly, male partners who low-ball or take advantage of the females’ sacrifice for weakness, you guys will never be rewarded with good things. You think she gave up her posting for you because only the girls should? NO. She did it out of love and also secretly knowing that your proud ass wouldn’t do it. And if a person who is understanding is usually the smart person, we know that makes sense now.

So girls or guys who could relate to this, let me know and give in your thoughts as well.

I’ve hereby completed my decisively chosen ‘countdown to 50’ post, by my Instagram followers. Thanks to them for helping me decide and lastly, not every feminist is as stupid as they sound. You just finally start to hear what exactly men sounded like in ancient times and are unable to deal with it.

– Shreyy, who is a less crappy and sensible feminist to say the least.


Limiting point

Let us call the term as LP in short, to ease things up. So LP is something every human or living thing in general does have. There ain’t no doubt when it comes to how far a person can be pushed. That being said, everyone has their own levels of LP, each different from the other.

For instance,

LP 1 : People who get nagged so easily, they could hardly maintain any relationship.

LP 2 : Those who can tolerate to a level but keep changing their LPs now and then and hence are unpredictable. (do not mess with them).

LP 3 : These people have a great ability to not get tensed, or they get immune to it. You must therefore realize that you’ve gone way too far with your actions, when this type of people lose their temper.

But limiting points to some, they cannot be caused by people directly. They’re caused by what happens to the people they love. These people have been pushed too far by the harshness of life and can just not take it anymore. But the irony is that these people are almost always the only ones who have the power to get back up and fight back life. Maybe that is why life keeps testing them and pushing their limits in the first place. So if you belong to this group, you’re stronger, with much more will power and can face absolutely anything in life. So do not feel low at all. It may seem hard right now and you may want to give up, but remember how you said this the last time, and you made it out successfully? That will happen again.

Shreyy’s blog was started by her, just to address any problem that an adolescent goes through and by doing so, no only did she channel out her stress, she also probably helped people to feel better, by knowing they are not alone. Read About the Author. to know more.

Tell her how you feel and how you eventually overcame it.

– Shreyy, who swears that it’s the best feeling to refer to herself in third person.

Motivation in the new age.

Honestly, whoever thought that motivational videos are to be watched only when depressed or so, needs a moment of silence. And this was agreeable with a friend of mine about two weeks ago, who discovered that I’m so much into these videos as he is. The thing about these is that more than the words, the BGM (BackGround Music) is what pumps up your adrenaline to work harder and stronger. And it is always predictable. The music is undoubtedly mostly from Two steps from hell.

THERE are another group of people who get stuck up with these videos, so much that they can’t stop watching them more and more, rather than do the work that the motivation should’ve made them do (Talk about priorities). I’d strongly suggest to watch them whenever possible, just like your daily dose of milk or caffeine or a replacement for any such sidekicks. Most of these videos, if you notice properly, contain clips of Will Smith from the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. I’m always led to believe that this is because of his strong name, or the hard-working community he represents or because of the real struggles in life, that he faced. Either way, only the way he talks is enough to keep your blood pumped up with power.

They’ve definitely helped me through hard times and generally every time I needed someone to motivate me, they were there. It’s like a virtual friend who keeps shouting into your ears to get up and fight back against life (something real-life friends don’t do!).

Shreyy, a someone who has thus far derived motivation only by the above method.

Moving on.

So, as I was having a memory session with myself, I realized that not all teens are lucky enough to have their school friends all the way, till the end. Then again there’s a saying that at what time people come in doesn’t matter, but how long they stay, does.

This required me to tell my fellow readers, that I was in fact not invited hereafter (trying to be polite) by my previous school groups. And back then I thought I’ve found the right social group where I finally belonged. Let’s not get this situation confused. The group did not dissolve. It is still active as ever. They just don’t ask me out anymore. And as the mature person I was, I took the hint and left.

There have been instances where you break away from a group you don’t even belong to. This happens to us when we stalk them long enough to learn that they’re not our type. I’ve been through that too. Much later on, while moving out to my fourth and final school for higher secondary, I was tried and tested by many peers and finally ended up with one girl. She has stuck longer than any friend in my life ever has (3 years). Another person in college has stuck with me and I already know from my past experience that the person is a person to stay.

All this has had me thinking when it finally hit me with a wave of self-realization. Maybe I’m one of those kids who don’t even belong with a group. It is individual friendship that sticks with me and has worked for me thus far. Email me your experience or leave a comment below if you’d want to make it public. Were you a grouper or a one-on-one friend?

– Shreyy, who realized being too honest and expecting the same is the worst combination. Ever.

Invisible emotions


Is that even a thing? Invisible emotions? Hidden could be appropriate, but that would mean you’re hiding them consciously. By invisible I mean the emotions or feelings that grow within you without your knowledge. I’ve come to think of feelings as angry pebbles these days, that scream “Everybody Rocks but me!”. They’ve become comparative and hence meaningless.

  • Get your mother groceries? She replies, “You know, my friends’ kids cook for them…”.
  •  Fix up an account for you grandfather? He hits you with, “Your other cousin used to massage my knees you know?”.

Honestly, why? Why compare with someone else’s good deeds when I’m already doing one right now in the present tense (which doesn’t get felt).

So speaking of invisible feelings, they might range from untimely crushes to unexpected hatred that grow within you, and burst out one fine sunny/rainy day when you least expect it. I’d suggest self-analyzing to put this problem at ease, but it is such emotions that define human nature. So embrace them while you can. 🙂

– Shreyy, trying to be as visible and transparent as possible.

The century matures!

It is indeed a late post when compared to other new year references. It was the day of the harvest festival in India. In my state, TamilNadu, the festival is named ‘Thai Pongal’ (spelled as thy ponghul). It is celebrated across four days from the 14th to the 17th of January according to the tamil months. These four days take up different themes but on the whole serve the same purpose, which is to give thanks to the Sun god , Surya (spelled as Soorya), for the good harvest gotten and for the main essence of life itself.


People on this day, wake up as early as 2 or 3 AM to burn all the old things in their house. This makes sure that no old memories or unnecessary things are carried onto the new life to be lead from the next day, which is Pongal.

DAY 2: Thai Pongal :

This is the main fest day of all four. Ironically, the main dish to be made on this day, is also called Pongal, which is made from the first harvest of that season. It is directly served to the Sun god, as a token of appreciation and thanks. It is prominent over generations together that no matter how cold or dim the weather of January seems to be, the day of pongal is always a sunny day.

DAY 3: Maatu Pongal :

This is a historic day for many reasons. It is the day, when the cattle of the fields are honoured for their work there. It is also pretty special since the era of the cattle in TamilNadu almost came to an end but was saved by the youngsters of TN who go down into History.

DAY 4: Kaanum Pongal :

This day is a  day to simply be enjoyed. Every employee and employer take leave on this day to be with their family and go out to fairs, or the beach or whatever is their definition of happiness.

Now that I’ve briefed you about the day that I wanted to post the blog on (but couldn’t), let me congratulate the 21st century on its coming-of-age occasion. I consider every non-existent (non-living) thing as a female (Be it a country or years etc.) , so in other words, the century has henceforth matured. And to my understanding, every month from now on up until maybe 2045-2055, at least for roughly three days, the world experiences discomfort. And that’s because of the year herself feels uneasy. Keep track if you want to, because I stand by what I just said. Be it natural calamity, a political disaster, academical politics or civil wars, they will get worse on those days (around the middle of each month). So good luck earthlings *-* .

-Shreyy, an earthling who is experiencing what she just predicted.





2017 – a strong memory.

I’ve learnt from several conversations, that 2017 wasn’t a giving year at all. It in fact was the opposite. It took away a lot of things in life. I consider this a necessary wipe out in life’s course to start fresh, the next year. Therefore, I dedicate this post to all those people who’ve suffered miserably in the year 2017.

I’m someone who doesn’t believe in anything without proof and therein I strongly go against myths and superstitions but there was something almost all people who suffered last year had in common. They were all almost undergoing the dark phase called Sani payirchi in Tamil. They might have known about this had they had gotten it checked. A close friend of mine experienced this. She fell into a deadly  mind-trap, something similar to being possessed. Given that, she had no control of whatever happened through her body. This earned her a very bad name in “our” society. Other parents would’ve given up on their children for all the misery caused by their actions. But there was a silver lining to her tough times, is how I’d like to put it. They got her checked at a religious destination and turns out her time was terribly bad. They were asked to give her time to heal and guide her in any way possible. She’s still a bit hazy but definitely improved. This even still made me believe that time heals sorrows (not by any chance, in myths).

There were two other incidents where three of my acquaintances lost one of their parents each, to the cruel hands of time. Coincidence? I think not. Hinduism had yet another reason for this general lowness in happiness. It was said that the day on which the year 2017 started off, was a pretty bad one itself. This made it in general, a miserable year for most of us. I for one, had a leg injury that has caused a permanent mark for life. My left ankle has a torn ligament that causes numbness (almost all the time) making it very tough for me to feel anything on my left sole.

Coming to the main event that affected me a lot, I was a victim to almost losing one of my parents for good. Thankfully we were on time to save a terrible loss. I’d like to look at this as an opportunity to knowing how it feels like to lose someone. I was brought so near to the situation and taken away. I’m grateful.

This year, I’d rather pledge than resolve, to be grateful for all things big and small, in life because you never know when you might lose them. Believe in God or not, be grateful for what you have.

Shreyy, looking forward to the new year 2018.


These were almost too simple for a girl of that age to whine about. It meant the world to her, but too silly to the rest of the world, to even be shared or complain about. It was a weekend though. Not that it mattered. So during the wind up friday of an 18-year-old girl, getting ready for her weekend (only this time it was her vacation time), she was due to get her license to drive average cars on below-average roads. It was like any other holiday when she scheduled to visit an animal place that sunday, not with anyone specific. The schedule was to go on and that gave her joy. She did get her license card, was wasn’t given the original. Her guardian gave her a photocopy instead.

That saturday evening, while preparing her plans for the next day, her father worries upon diseases or infections got from animal places along with the sudden visit from a distant relative, announced only the previous night. She knew that the concern was merely a german hideout in world war 5 against the aliens of sakaar. (In other words the concern didn’t exist).

These two things almost choked her up. Not in any serious physical way, but the mental feeling to the thorax. The weekend was her last before school reopened and had to end this way. If he wanted to make it sound as a matter of concern, he would’ve trusted her with the original card and the visit to the animal place. It wasn’t seclusion at all. I think I was looking for the word “Deprived”. What do you think?

– Shrey, truely inspired by a true story.

Thor: Ragnarok


Ragnarök is third in line to the Thor series and has shown to be the most successful. It definitely stood out from the other marvel movies collectively, for two reasons. First one being the bold choice made in incorporating humour to the max (for an action film). This movie has seen the most amount of comedy content compared to its predecessors. The second reason is the transformation in how Thor is represented. Every thing right from his thunder-shaded eyes, to his hairstyle and less of hammer usage counted in for this movie’s success. Ragnarök is a prophecy that Asgard will meet its end when the Demon of fire casts his eternal flame onto it. Odin dies in this movie, but stays in Thor’s conscience throughout to guide him. The rightful first-born child of Odin, the Goddess of Death , who was banished due to her need to feed on excessive power from Asgard,  is the main villain in this movie. She hunts down her way into Asgard, through meeting her brothers. Thor loses his hammer during his first meeting with his sister, Hela, when she crushes it. On their way through the Bifrost portal, Hela pushes the brothers out of the portal and they end up in a strange garbage planet called Sakaar where Loki comes of favour to the Grandmaster there while Thor, ends up as a contestant (captured by 142 who was a Valkyrie) due to his portrayal of restrain. The sword that unlocks the Bifrost is taken and protected by Heimdall who guides the people of Asgard to safety hiding. Hela exposes Odin’s secrets and feels betrayed for not being given credit. She raises her old army from the dead, using the eternal fire. He however faces his friend Hulk and almost defeats him. Later Thor, convinces Hulk and 142 to make an escape route to save Asgard. While escaping, Hulk encounters an old recording of Romanoff from the Quinjet that he landed in. This turns him back to Bruce Banner for the first time since the last battle. They make their way back to Asgard in one of the Grandmaster’s jets, through the biggest wormhole. Thor, holding the army down, realizes that the prophecy was not just to destroy Asgard but to put an end to Hela once and for all (since she draws power from Asgard). Thus he asks Loki to initiate the Ragnarök while the other fight the army. His new friends Korg and Meik, from Sakaar, bring a jet to accommodate the people of Asgard. Surtur is released and he destroys Asgard for good. The moral being the fact that Asgard isn’t a place but a people. So Thor is crowned King in the escape vessel and they move into a journey in search of places to start their civilization but eventually leads his people to Earth. The scene where, in Thor’s conscience (when he blacks out when struck by Hela’s blow), Odin tells him that he is the God of Thunder not the God of Hammers and ask him to use his power without the hammer, was my personal favorite. This gave him lots of hope and carried forward successfully.

– Shreyy, who would slay to watch it over and over again.